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Douglas Pedersen (aka Writer Guy)

Hello. My name is Douglas Pedersen. I’m an experienced, senior-level freelance writer of corporate and creative communications (copy writer/editor)  who understands that results come before awards. Kinda rare, right?

The words I pen are designed to save you time, boost integrity, talk one-on-one to your intended audience, and speak volumes about your corporate commitment. That includes SEO optimization, strategic communications, and op-eds to owned content, e-commerce solutions, mass media, white papers, CEO statements, newsletters, internal employee communications, as well as anything else your company needs to get and keep the world’s attention.

Working together, we can optimize your copy for organic search, customer loyalty, as well as ongoing brand integration and penetration.

Sound like a plan? Let’s chat! 

Phone: 503.314.9789
Email: [email protected]
Post: PO Box 497, Prineville, Oregon 97140

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